Why is Java-enabled hosting so expensive?

Why is Java-enabled hosting so expensive?

Hosting a website is a cheap matter these days. One could get a fairly good shared hosting package for around 1.5-6$ per month. These hosting packages offer a wide variety of features including support for PHP, PERL on LINUX or ASP (or ASP.NET) on Windows and MySQL DB. The problem is that prices soar when you want JSP/Servlet support.

I think Java should be as affordable as PHP and .NET or else it will loss a lot of private developers to the competitors. Expensive Java hosting is a problem when you want to deploy a privately-held/budget-aware website.

I like Java and wanted my open-source website to be written in Java. At the end I had to settle for PHP (which is cool too).

Why should ASP/PHP enabled hosting cost 1.5-10$ per month and Java enabled hosting cost 12-30$ per month?

Amir Shevat
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Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat is the global Startup Outreach lead in Google Developer Relations (g.co/launch). Previously, Amir Led Google Campus Tel Aviv and was the co founder of several startups.

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1 Response

  1. Henry Lee says:

    Simply demand and supply.

    1.) Web designer / developer doesn’t like it. Java is too complexity. Php with javascript/jquery is most like easlier to learn and understand.

    2.) Development time comparatively longer in every aspect. (think of how many line we writes for java vs php?) Although java can be very powerful, but there is no need for a small business.

    3.) Less experienced professional who can support it. (need more time to hire a person, another supply and demand)

    4.) Due to high cost from supply. (due to #3)

    1.) high cost on maintenance. Java professional pays higher. They won’t stay in those small web hosting company. Same as you and me.
    a.) high cost professional on development
    b.) high cost professional on middleware and server.
    c.) Time demand more than other kind of programming. You know, more power and control of a technologies also means more troubles it can create. ie.) memory management, restart, web.xml, server.xml and so many other package, JSTL, Strut and JSF are need to support. Don’t mention other MVC stuff Java Pro wants to use, web developer all use J2EE, Blaze and Flex, so, even more expensive to support.

    2.) Due to less demand and then therefore not much supply.

    Remember, web world is not purely programmer’s stuff, it is mostly marketing stuff and sale & marketing dept controls it rather than us (IT / programmer / developer). Most of the company are small-mid size web hosting company that might only has 2-3 server and middleware guys and 2-3 tech support guys to do everything for few hundred to thousand plan. The rest of them are admin staffs. They need to sell a lot of plan with least support in order to earn.

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