Spacebug projects:


A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is only valid for a single login session or transaction. It is commonly used in the internet for registration and password reminder process in which OTPs are provides to the user in a form of a link that the user uses to access in order to create/reset his password.

CakeOTP is a secure, expirable and table-less implementation of One Time Password for the popular CakePHP development framework.


Ajax Data Objects (ajaxdo) provides an easy database persistency framework for JavaScript objects. Ajaxdo enables runtime loading, saving, deleting and listing of JavaScript objects stored on the server database. Using Ajaxdo can dramatically reduce server side code and make web 2.0 application port easily from one server-side programming language to another.


Spring-Dashboard provides real-time statistic and monitoring view of any spring-framework web application. With Spring-dashboard developers and testers can monitor flows within the application, as well as gather statistic information on application usage.


JComet is an open source project aiming to provide a set of reloadable and dynamic Java objects, such as properties and XML elements, as well as to provide a framework for event-change listener that are called when data is changed.


Three weeks ago I presented in SUN’s java technology day. I show interoperability between .NET and java in several ways.
This is a simple example of java application calling a native C++ dll and a managed C++ dll.


In-place Edit (also known as Edit In Place) allows you to edit text on web pages without going to a separate page and filling out a form.

WYSIWYG , is an acronym for ‘What You See Is What You Get’, used in computing to describe a system in which content displayed during editing appears very similar to the final output.

IPWEditor – In Place WYSIWYG Editor is the best of both world- it provides an easy in place editing and adds a layer of WYSIWYG visual editor over it


AutoSnippet automatically generates the code snippet from the source code (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). No more cumbersome repetitive tasks and no more inconsistencies between example and real code.