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How to Connect IPWEditor to the Server Side 11

How to Connect IPWEditor to the Server Side

I have been getting multiple support requests from developers how want to save the data edited in IPWEditor on the server side.

Saving information in the server side is a server-side feature and out of scope for IPWEditor (which is a client-side JQuery plug-in), moreover, it is programming language depended – a java developer might handle this differently from a .NET or a PHP developer.

Despite all that, I will try to give general guild on how it is done, I will be using PHP for the server-side examples but you can use any server side programming language you prefer.

Security issue in CakePHP code documentation 5

Security issue in CakePHP code documentation

I have been using CakePHP for a long time now and enjoy every second. It provides a productive, easy to use and well document platform for PHP application. The key advantages for me are – transparent OR mapping, a strong Model View Controller framework, and tons of extra utilities that make your life better.

I have came across a possible security issue in one of cakePHP code examples. This section of code is responsible to authorize or un-authorize clients access to a certain action (MVC flow)

action == 'delete') {
            if ($this->Auth->user('role') == 'admin') {
                return true;
            } else {
                return false;

        return true;

The major security rule this code is breaking is – never ever have ‘return true’ as a default for an authorization method.

CakeOTP 1.0 – Secure, Expirable, Table-less One Time Password for CakePHP Released 0

CakeOTP 1.0 – Secure, Expirable, Table-less One Time Password for CakePHP Released

CakeOTP is a secure, table-less and expirable implementation of One Time Password for the popular CakePHP development framework.

A one-time password (OTP) is a password that is only valid for a single login session or transaction. It is commonly used in the internet for registration and password reminder process in which OTPs are provides to the user in a form of a link that the user uses to access in order to create/reset his password.

The problem is that most one-time password implementation involve maintaining additional database tables and batch process that handle the persistence and expire date of the one time password. This adds complexity and reduces performance.

CakeOTP is a simple and clean implementation of one time password. It reduces complexity by removing the redundant SQL calls and DB batch maintenance while still keeping the one time password secure and expirable.

Download this release here.

Checkout the Online Demo, project page and getting started page.