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Type of Cloud-Based Offering

The market is now buzzing with Clouds, it seems that everywhere you go in the hi-tech industry you see cloud application, cloud conferences and cloud offerings. I was Asked by some friends – What...

Useful JQuery Plugin to Display Errors, Messages, and Alerts: Gritter 0

Useful JQuery Plugin to Display Errors, Messages, and Alerts: Gritter

Real estate on your web page could be as important as real estate in real life. You got very little space on your client screen and need to use every inch (or pixels). Errors and messages take up valuable space that could be better used for more important things.

That is why Gritter is a great JQuery plugin – it saves real estate on your page by showing alerts, messages and errors in a floating bubble way, that is both informative and (because you can configure Gritter to fade away after a few seconds) non intrusive:

This image was taken from one of our new site’s design, we decided to use Gritter instead of putting the errors and notification inline.

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IPWEditor – In-Place WYSIWYG Editor 1.2.1 Released with TinyMCE bug fix and more

IPWEditor provides easy in-place editing for Web pages with a layer of WYSIWYG. It allows you to seamlessly replace text on Web pages with inputs for on-the-spot editing.

Up until now IPWEditor did not support TinyMCE advance settings, due to a minor bug found and resolved by the community.
This release incorporates this bug fix and adds additional documentation around the ‘cancel’ functionality.