Testing Windows Live Writer with Drupal

Drupal blogger – aren’t you tiered of writing HTML for every blog post? I am using Drupal 6.X and it does not come with a WYSIWYG editor by default. I tried a couple of WYSIWYG modules but non of them were really good. Drupal 7 is suppose to have great WYSIWYG integration, till then I will try my luck with a few desktop blogging tools

First one:

Windows LiveWriter is an impressive blog editor, and is probably the cleanest one. It provides the familiar user interface that one would expect from usual Microsoft applications. Writing a blog entry with intuitive features like a rich text editor and spell checker is easy. Users also have the ability to quickly add images and other media

Source –  http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/08/01/15-desktop-blogging-tools-reviewed/

So here we start:

  • here
  • is
  • a list
  1. and an
  2. ordered
  3. one too



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how does it look on the desktop side:


Do you know of a better desktop blogging tool?

Note- Since the publishing of this post I have ported my Blog to WordPress

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Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat is the global Startup Outreach lead in Google Developer Relations (g.co/launch). Previously, Amir Led Google Campus Tel Aviv and was the co founder of several startups.

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