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Always Be Communicating

As Startup founders we have a lot of audiences: our investors, our employees, our clients, and our partners. Communicating with them is not always intuitive and easy, but it is always critical to the success...

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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Coming to Silicon Valley

Many entrepreneurs from all over the world flock to the Silicon Valley – some are seeking finance, others partnerships, and many feel their startup has a better chance of being successful just by being here in the startup capital. I was once told by a friend “in the same way artist used to go to Paris for a few years to absorb the spirit, I come to the silicon valley with my startup”.

Many foreign startup founders do very well in the Silicon Valley, but as I meet a lot of startups that come here, I find that there are some repetitive mistakes that founders do make when coming here.

Here is an unsorted collection of these mistakes..

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Google Startup Launch Program

6 Months ago I have accepted an offer by Google to lead a new Global Startup Outreach program out of our offices in the Silicon Valley. My team’s mission is to help startups become successful over...