Auto-suggest Jquery plugin fix


Jquery plugin is an upgrade and fix of a good looking Autosuggest Jquery plugin, originally written by Drew Wilson. It has the following improvements:

  1. Works well on IE 7, 8 and chrome as well as FireFox 2
  2. Provides a UI that uses the native textbox – so clicking “back” works more intuitively
  3. provide a single select option – a better fit to most website requirements
  4. provides CSS for small and large search boxes

Simple usage

 {minChars: 2, matchCase: false});

Advance usage can be found in the original project page – be sure to access it with Chrome or FF3, otherwise that site does not show properly.


Demo of this plugin can be found here, really hard to miss the search box there.


Source code can be found here:

Auto-suggest CSS

Auto-suggest Javascript